Utopia Of London is a Hair Salon servicing Men and Women of all hair styles and forms of expression. We have introduced our concept salon with city chic in the western suburbs, where we’ll be delighted to host you.

Hair Salon Services

Creative haircuts

Creative Cuts

Creative cutting within our Salon at Utopia of London is with precision and accuracy, cutting-edge style is key within our industry and we are dedicated to ensure your hair will be manageable and look impeccable until your next due cut. We thrive on up-to-date fashions from catwalks to trends and engage in innovation. Our creative stylists are talented and allow you to wear your hair with pride.

Perfect Hair colours

Perfect Colours

Colour technicians within our Salon produce clean vibrant creative and high shine colour work, we offer a range of exclusivity to personally prescribe your colour cocktail, long lasting colour with exceptional hold. Our Affinage colour range is scientific and professionally produced to give maximum results, we are an Australian salon using Australian products.

Wedding and bridal parties specialist

Bridal & Wedding Specialists

With over 15 years Bridal specialists’ experience in running a business in London we cater for all desired bridal styles with lasting hold, to allow you to relax knowing that you and your bridesmaids can be in your home hotel of proffered venue, WE will come to you for this very special day taking hustle from untimely events on the day ensuring maximum relaxation and effective time management, see our weddings section for further details.

Hair and makeup Artistry

Hair & Makeup Artistry

Make-up is so individual we take time out to create a look specific to your needs using over 50 shades of professional foundations inter-mixable minerals to cover all skin types and tones, with full coverage, and weightless. Our qualified Make-up artist will enhance features to maximum effect, natural looks, high fashion and creativity long lasting and unbelievable results.

Male grooming services

Male Grooming

Stylish mens precision cutting within our salon our stylists will achieve the look your wanting, we will ensure you have the appropriate styling products to maintain your edgy haircut until your next visit, award winning stylists in our luxurious salon, up-to-date techniques fashion focused with our highly talented team

Formal Hair

Formal Hair

With over 15 years Bridal specialists’ experience in running a business in London we cater for all desired Formal styles with lasting hold, to allow you to relax for this very special day taking hustle from untimely events on the day ensuring maximum relaxation and effective time management, see our weddings section for further details and information about what we can offer you.

The Hair extensions specialist

Hair Extensions

We offer High Quality Hair extensions at an affordable cost; our hair extensions specialist and educator has been in this industry for a number of years and is passionate about offering a look achieved with vibrancy, length and volume. For instant glamour and amazing results, be assured we will endeavour to provide to you our tape and micro-ring applications with full aftercare and maintenance, allowing you to get your desired look without waiting for natural growth, eliminating colour fade and adding volume. Our 100% Russian hair extensions are the best on the market, for further information see our hair extensions page

Styling and restyling


Looking for a new look, we can ensure we will find the most suitable and wearable shape, cut and colour with amazing results, personally tailored for you. At Utopia of London we allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed within this transition, and offer a multitude of looks with precision and accuracy at highly competitive and affordable rates. Our home care advice is offered to each and every one of our clients. You are special to us and a walking advert to our work you will be highly impressed with what we can do to make you feel and look wonderful.

Professional blow-dry


he art of managing a long lasting blow dry is a technique that is not always produced within salons, we focus on ensuring your hair will stay in the desired style with our sulphate and paraban free products using our Affinage Australian owned cuticle and thermal protectors, sit back and let us master your look from sleek straight hair to curly blow drys , we ensure to produce a long lasting look

Photo shoot sessions

Photo Shoots

At Utopia of London we offer high portraits at affordable prices, our photographer will capture your most memorable moments, relax and allow her to produce family memories with creativeness and style, we tailor your styling with hair and makeup, this unique experience is an opportunity for you to take advantage of our expertise within our industry, specialising and producing an exceptional service

Relax in our Vintage Tea Salon

Vintage Tea Room

Relax in style in our vintage Tea Room.

Hair and Makeup tutorials

Education & Training

Annie Woolnough has trained and mentored countless professionals throughout her career. Tutorials coming soon, so stay tuned!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions factsheet

Utopia Of London Hair Extensions are an innovative method of adding volume, colour, length or texture to your natural hair. Utopia Of London extensions are made of 100% human Grade 1 Russian Hair, and are available in 35 shades, 3 textures and 2 different weights.


    During the process a small highlight size section of your natural hair is threaded through a 3mm metal ring. The extension is then also placed through the ring, which is then clamped shut.

    There is no glue involved, no heat and no chemicals, which makes Utopia Of London extensions extremely clean, tidy and almost undetectable.

    Our extensions should last 3 to 4 months with correct care and maintenance.


    It is normal to lose a few extensions over time or the odd bond to become visible. This is due to the natural hair growth. It is recommended that you visit your hair specialist regularly in order to replace any lost extensions or retighten any loose ones. This will ensure your extensions stay looking beautiful.

    A full removal should be done at around 3 to 4 months as by this time the natural hair may have grown significantly. Any hairs that are naturally shed will be clamped inside the ring, and if left too long can cause the hair to knot or matt.


    Removal of Utopia Of London hair extensions could not be easier. The micro ring is simply squeezed in the opposite way to application, which opens the ring allowing the extension to come away easily.

    This simple process is extremely easy and clean, and best of all does not damage the natural hair in any way. Never try to remove them yourself, always seek advice from your Utopia Of London hair extension professional.

    Provided the hair has been well maintained and looked after, the extensions can be used again for your next application. If using the same hair, the price for reapplication is only half of the original cost, making it very cost effective.


    A large soft bristle brush or tangle teaser is best for keeping your extensions tangle free. Gather the hair in a low loose ponytail and begin brushing from the ends upwards.

    Place hair in a loose ponytail or plait at night to prevent knotting.


    Ensure hair is brushed and tangle free.

    We would not recommend that you put your head upside down while washing, and always wash from the crown down.

    Gently massage a small amount of shampoo through the root area and ensure adequately covered. There is no need to massage through the lengths and ends as they will be sufficiently cleansed when rinsing.


    As with natural hair, your new extensions will need to be conditioned regularly.

    Massage conditioner through mid lengths and ends but do not apply to roots as this can make the rings slip.

    Always allow a little longer when rinsing, to compensate for the extra volume.

    Serums and leave-in conditioners can extend the life of your extensions but again, be sure not to apply to the root area.


    To dry, squeeze excess water from hair and pat with a towel, avoid rubbing. You can allow to dry naturally or blow-dry.

    If blow-drying, always aim airflow from roots to ends and use a soft bristle brush. You can use any heated styling tools that you would on your hair: straighteners, hot rollers or tongs. It is important however to remember that excessive heat from styling tools is not good for the hair, whether it be extensions or natural.

    NEVER sleep with wet or damp extensions as this can cause tangling and matting.


    Ensure you have a realistic idea of what extensions can do for you, and listen to advice from your Utopia Of London professional.

    You should be confident that you are able to look after your own hair, if not then it will be unlikely that you’ll be able to look after your extensions.

    Depending on your ability to maintain your hair, any health concerns and your lifestyle, your Utopia Of London professional will give you an honest opinion as to whether extensions are right for you.


    100% Grade 1 Russian Hair.

    Why does Utopia Of London use Grade 1 Russian Hair?

    There are many different varieties of hair available on the market today. Many of the cheaper versions go through a harsh process to make them look shiny and soft. The hair is chemically processed to remove the outer layer and cuticules. While in this vulnerable state it is subjected to more harsh colouring and finally coated in a silicone-like plastic to give it a natural appearance. Unfortunately this does not last. After just a few washes the coating comes away and what is left is dull, extremely brittle over-processed hair.

    Utopia Of London Hair ONLY use Grade 1 Russian Hair that has been specifically obtained and manufactured for us and our clients.

    Our hair is manufactured by a simple four-step process:

    1. Virgin hair is harvested from a donor.
    2. Gentle cleansing and disinfecting removes dirt and bacteria.
    3. Hair is coloured to requirement.
    4. Deep conditioning treatment to retain moisture and shine.

    Utopia Of London Hair will remain in great condition. This is because the cuticles are still intact and have not been stripped from harsh chemicals during the cleansing process, having the correct texture and still maintaining its shine and structure. This allows the hair to blend beautifully with natural hair.

Our hair products and cosmetics